Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Space in out

Space in out


Movement is a prime player in meditation. The movement of your breathing creates peace and provides synchronization for the physical and emotional. Space in out provides a primer for meditation; the tactile motions created by moving one’s phone produce breathing sounds. The breathing sounds modulate based on the velocity of the phone. Seen as a novelty at first, users can pace themselves to the turns of the phone.

Start screen.                               About screen.

The application opens with the start screen. Here you will see a person in a meditative position. From this screen there are two options (three if you count exiting the application) about and begin.

Meditation Screen (debug).      Meditation Screen (mockup).

This is the central part of the application. On the debug version I am testing the input. The current issue I am having is emulating accelerometer information. In my research into this problem I have found various blogs addressing this situation. Most of the blogs point back to one implementation that involves a work around found here http://blogs.silverarcade.com/silverlight-games-101/27/silverlight-simulating-accelerometer-data-in-the-windows-phone-7-emulator/. The problem I am having is understanding how to use the implementation.

The second major hurdle I am having is how to implement sound. I have cast this problem aside to dedicate the time I have put towards this project into resolving the first issue.

The C# code for the Meditation page.


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